A delicate girl with no eyes

Without my eyes. Seeing things. It’s all no eyes, slowing down. It’s all so. Deeper into a. Dark world. You can’t see the spiders. Driving the cobweb car. Take apart transparent trolley carts. Make into mazes. It doesn’t worry me. Doing silk whines/invite birds to sit in dusky moss.

There’s a dark maze. I don’t. Want to. Go in. Inside rests. A bird. No wings. Bird without wings. No eyes? No, girl has no eyes. Eyeless girl, birds. . Bird’s eyes, birdless wings. Falling into maze. You can’t. Won’t. Get out. Too late. Bird is smooth. Bird won’t move. Hold bird. Cradle bird in girl’s mouth. Before it’s late. To no eyes. To no words. Whispering into mazes of birds. Bird’s. Girls.

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